Full Branding Identity


AnGelic Beauty

Beauty Salon - Lash Extension Expert | Rotorua, NZ


I am thrilled to present the branding identity I crafted for AnGelic Beauty—a brand that encapsulates the essence of bold and striking elegance. Through this project, I aimed to create a visual narrative that celebrates individuality and empowers self-expression. AnGelic Beauty's brand identity is a testament to its commitment to bold aesthetics, elegant sophistication, inclusivity, and empowerment. I invite you to explore how this design journey unfolds, encapsulating the spirit of beauty that knows no boundaries.

Branding Identity

When you invest in our branding package, you're not just getting a simple logo; you're receiving a comprehensive set of assets that will elevate your brand's presence and impact.

Elegance in fonts is the silent poetry of design, where letters dance gracefully to create a visual symphony.

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