Client Wardrobe



These dresses are available to use if you don't have something to wear.

Save yourself hiring a dress when i have them here free to use.

You're welcome to use for maternity and newborn/family shoots, these can make a nice connection between the two sessions

Depending on location you may need to change in public, so you are welcome to wear single and bike shorts if you wish


Strapless bra are always good for the off the shoulder dresses but can always put the straps down if you don't have one.

I recommend white or nude, and seamless is always good for the tight fitted dresses but whatever you have and are most comfortable in is totally fine also


Clothing is different on everyone, sizing listed is just a guide, most are oversize, stretchy, if your not to sure, flick me a message

Waikato's cherished maternity and newborn moments made even more special with our complimentary client wardrobe at Stay&
Experience the joy of dressing up during your maternity and newborn sessions with Stay&cee Creative's free client wardro
Stay&cee Creative: Offering a blend of comfort and style with our complimentary client wardrobe for maternity and newbor
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Stay&cee Creative's client wardrobe makes your maternity and newborn session in Hamilton even more memorable and stylish
Waikato families, get ready for your maternity and newborn sessions with ease - our client wardrobe at Stay&cee Creative
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Stay&cee Creative: Where maternity and newborn sessions come to life with our curated and complimentary client wardrobe
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Stay&cee Creative's client wardrobe transforms your maternity and newborn sessions into a fashion-forward experience in
Waikato families rejoice: Step into elegance with Stay&cee Creative's complimentary client wardrobe for maternity and ne
Stay&cee Creative: Elevate your maternity and newborn experience with our inclusive and free client wardrobe
Waikato's premier maternity and newborn sessions now come with added style - thanks to our complimentary client wardrobe
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Waikato families, prepare for a memorable maternity and newborn session with Stay&cee Creative's free and fabulous clien
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