Full Branding Identity



Plant Base Cafe, Tauranga, NZ


As the designer behind Vitality Kitchen, I am thrilled to present a portfolio that encapsulates the essence of this fresh, clean, and vibrant plant-based cafe. Crafting the visual identity for this culinary haven has been a labor of love, where each element, from the earthy color palette to the organic textures and minimalist aesthetics, is thoughtfully designed to reflect the cafe's commitment to sustainability, health, and culinary excellence. With an unwavering focus on creating an inviting atmosphere that complements the delicious plant-based cuisine, I'm excited to share how this design journey has come to life at Vitality Kitchen. Welcome to a world where flavor meets freshness, and where design harmonizes with nature.

Branding Identity

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Collaborating with Sean from Vitality Kitchen was an exciting journey in creating a brand that truly embodies the fresh and vibrant essence of his plant-based cafe. We seamlessly connected this brand identity with its sister company, Vitality Organic, using consistent fonts and a modified version of the original sun symbol. By incorporating a coffee bean and leaves into the design, we effectively conveyed the cafe's unique character. The use of clean, bold colors and precise line illustrations completes the branding, resulting in a cohesive and visually striking package that tells the full story of Vitality Kitchen's inviting and earthy vibe.

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